La'au Lapa'au
Hawaiian Herbal Medicine Lessons

La'au Lapa'au:
  Hawaiian herbal healing for the physical body and the spiritual body.  When mind and body is Lokahi (One), Mana (Life Energy) heals the body.

La'au:  Past, Present, and Future.  A time line before foreigners arrive to the present.  La'au in the future gaining acceptance and integrating with other cultures.

Bloodline:  A look at the roots of La'au lapa'au and Ho'oponopono in the Emmett Keao family; How the gift of healing was passed down on to the next generation.

Rituals:  Spiritual and physical traditions of the meeting with the patient to the picking of the healing herbs or the La'au.

La'au & Diseases

Diabetes: Lau'ae - Phymatosorus scolopendra
Flu: Ko'oko'olau - Bidens hillebrandiana
Stress: Awa - Piper methysticum